B L U E    M A R L I N    I B I Z A
Wally Lopez

If you come to Ibiza and you do not know the Blue Marlin you are missing half of the Island. In only three seasons the beach club of Cala Jondal has become an icon of reference as the most exquisite public place of the white island. How? With an excellent service, attention to boats, a delicious menu of Mediterranean Fusion and facilities that do not neglect detail. The terrace shines more each year, with corners to relax, a massage, chill out areas, private, and mainly, which has been its sign of identity since it was opened, its unfolding on to the beach where you are able to enjoy the quality music while the sun sets. From Monday to Thursday an eclectic sound of vanguard shows, the last international tendencies that gave jazz, soul, and funk to us with the best electronics of the rooms native of Ibiza. Fridays, Mix the Mood with DJs Bruno from Ibiza, with the spectaculair Puro Tango Live. Saterdays, “Funk Da Beach”, and Sundays, the main plate with Paco Fernandez and their band offering a magnificent show not to be missed, flamenco and sounds animated by his repertoire of dancers, guitarists and drums. The nights of the Blue Marlin, light and sound under the stars, and this year will be an authentic explosian, in addition, a new Art Gallery in the inner room, a good opportunity to see the work of the most prestigious photographers and resident artists in plastic of the island. Blue Marlin, international reference of good taste and savoir faire, you cannot lose.